• YPI turns 10 years old!
  • To celebrate, the TCF holds a GrowOut event to showcase local talent and bring students together from across Canada to celebrate their accomplishments.
  • The global YPI network expands again, this time south of the border, into New York City
  • The Foundation has given out more than $3 million through student grants.

“I believe my generation has lost its way in terms of really caring for humanity, and I applaud YPI for working to ensure that today’s young people have much greater awareness of the challenges in their local communities and their responsibility for contributing to the solutions.”

Sir Ian Wood, Wood Family Trust

  • YPI becomes an international movement in youth philanthropy, with a pilot project in the United Kingdom.
  • The Toskan Casale Foundation reaches $1 million in youth-driven grants awarded in Canada.


  • In its second year, YPI expands across Ontario, from 1 school to 29 schools.
  • The program quickly expands, reaching schools in British Columbia in 2004, then Alberta and Quebec in 2005.


  • The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI), pilots at its first-ever secondary school at Royal St. George’s College in Toronto.
  • Students enrolled in YPI award the first youth-directed grant to a local housing program, Youth Without Shelter.

“YPI has made an attempt to expose teenagers to the wonders and magic of philanthropic work, and they have succeeded… I am sure there are literally hundreds of schools that could provide equal support as to the value of this program."

Hal Hannaford, Headmaster (Former) Royal St. George’s College