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Toskan Casale Foundation

The Toskan Casale Foundation is a multi-generation family foundation committed to providing immediate relief to at-risk people while building values of compassion and empathy.

With values rooted in the founders’ experience with MAC and the MAC AIDS Fund, the Toskan Casale Foundation launched the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) in 2002. YPI is a school-based program created to connect students to their communities. They interact directly with the people and services on the ground who are having an impact, and then become advocates for the issues they care most about. Presenting to their peers, these students are challenging stigma, changing behaviours, and directing grants and critical public support for millions of people in need across the country.

YPI is now an international platform for social change, reaching students in Canada, the United States, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. To date, a combined total of over CAD $22,000,000 in grants has been directed by youth worldwide, building skills and empathy in over 650,000 students, and providing support to more than 1.5 million people in their local communities.

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All funding will be distributed through the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative. The Toskan Casale Foundation will not be accepting grant proposals at this time.